12 easy ways to shift 10% of your spending to support local

Now that you’ve committed to shift 10% of your annual spending to support locally owned and operated businesses, we wanted to show you how you can change your spending habits. Hence, loving local becomes an effortless practice. Here are twelve ways you can easily shift 10% of your spending to support local businesses and get lots of enjoyment out of it!


Pro Tip: Start small and set yourself up for success. Take a look at your current spending and choose three ways you would like to shift that spending habit to local. A small shift can make a big difference.


Ways to support locally owned and operated businesses:

1. Dine Local

Think: Breakfast runs, lunchtime pick-ups, takeout meals, a night out with family and friends

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ve got to eat! If you’re out and about and are stopping for a quick bite or planning to enjoy a leisurely meal, do it locally. PEI is known as Canada’s Food Island. That’s because we’re blessed with an abundance of talented local chefs, farmers, fishers and local producers who provide Islanders with exceptional culinary delights.

PEI is the world’s envy when it comes to cuisine, so as Islanders, let’s take advantage of it! Include ‘Dining locally’ as part of your 10% shift.


2. Shop Local

Think: Retail shops, hardware stores, shopping for electronics, furniture and sporting goods

Get in; we’re going shopping! From east to west and in-between, PEI has so many options to shop and Love Local. If you’re in the market for new tools, a new computer, office materials, maybe a new bike or a new outfit – whatever it is, a local shop owner is waiting to welcome you into their store with a smile!

Include ‘Shopping locally’ as part of your 10% shift.


3. Renovate Local

Think: Local hardware shops, local contracting companies, electricians, plumbers, and painters

Now that we’re staying home more than ever before, people are taking on more renovation projects. That’s great news! Why? Because even though we’re a small Island, we’ve got many local businesses working in the construction industry across PEI.

Before taking a hammer to the nail, look at including ‘Renovating Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


4. Buy Fresh and Local

Think: Farmers, fishers, local producers, butchers, farmers markets, corner grocery stores and CSA & produce boxes

When making your next grocery run see where you can add items from local farmers, fishers and producers to your list, this one may take a few more steps to accomplish, but we promise it will be worth it. Nothing better than biting into fresh produce, meat or seafood!

Include ‘Buying fresh locally’ as part of your 10% shift.


5. Play Local

Think: Golfing, skiing, board games, kids indoor and outdoor amusement parks, and live shows

Add a little local fun to your life! There are so many options across PEI for fun for the whole family, no matter the time of year. Because it’s winter right now, make a date to go to a board room cafe, an indoor amusement park or grab some snowshoes and head to a groomed trail. Make 2021 a year full of fun by playing locally!

Include ‘Playing Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


6. Stay Local

Think: Staycations, hotels, motels, cottages, and inns

Explore a new area of PEI! Book a night at a hotel, bed and breakfast or maybe a cottage or Inn. We’re an island that runs on tourism. Because of this, we have lots of excellent accommodations that are waiting to host you for your next staycation!

Plan to ‘Stay Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


7. Give Local

Think: Birthday, anniversaries, holidays, just because, any chance to give gifts all year-round

Whatever the occasion, there is a local gift that’s perfect for that special person in your life! Or, give the gift of a gift card! If you need any gift-giving inspiration, check out our list of 150+ local gift ideas.

Include ‘Giving Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


8. Drink Local

Think: Coffee, tea, Kombucha, beer, wine, and spirits

Not only do we produce great food, but we also have a wealth of artisan beverage producers on PEI. Coffee, tea, beer, wine, spirits, even freshly made Kombucha – we’ve got a local supplier for you!

Early morning coffee runs, there’s a local coffee shop for you. Cozy night in with a good book? Pick up some Island ground tea or a nice bottle of Island made wine. Craft beer enthusiast? We’ve got several awesome breweries. Are you experimenting with cocktails? Mix in an Island made spirit.

Include ‘Drinking Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


9. Indulge & Pamper Local

Think: Hair salons, nail salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists

We all need to indulge and treat ourselves once and a while and when it’s your time, be sure to do it locally! In the market for a new skin care regime? Look for locally created products.

Include ‘Indulging Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


10. Live Healthy Local

Think: Gyms, online fitness classes, nutritionists, nutrition stores, and filling your prescriptions

Health and fitness are essential aspects of one’s life! If you’re looking to try out a new gym, sign-up for an online fitness class, visit a nutritionist or fill your prescriptions, there are ways to do it locally! Do some research before choosing the right activity for you. You will likely be surprised at how easy it is to find someone local to help you live healthy locally!

Include ‘Living Healthy Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


11. Fuel Up Local

Think: Gas stations, car washes, vehicle repairs and home heating

Like it or not, proper maintenance of your home and car are essential parts of life. They’re also easy ways to support local businesses! Find a local home heating businesses and not only warm your home but the heart of a local entrepreneur! When fuelling up, make sure to head to your community’s locally owned and operated gas station. Need a wash? PEI has many car washes that are locally owned and operated. Schedule your next car appointment at a local garage. Fueling up may not seem like the most straightforward way to support local business but at the end of the day there are numerous ways to do so!

Include ‘Fuel Up Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


12. Donate Local

Think: Island charities, Island sports teams, and non-profit organizations

Islanders are known to be very friendly and caring people. We’d give the shirt off our backs to help someone in need. When making donations, consider supporting local organizations that keep the monetary donations right here in our Island community.

Include ‘Donating Local’ as part of your 10% shift.


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