5 Ways To Support Small Businesses During Small Business Week

Small Business Week runs from October 17 -23, 2021 and highlights the impacts small businesses have on our communities and economy by celebrating small businesses and the hard-working people that are behind them.

Here are five ways you can support small businesses during Small Business Week:

1.  Leave a review

If you had a great experience at a local small business, spread the word by leaving them a review! Reviews are critical to small businesses as consumers use reviews to decide where they will spend their money.

2. Share the love on social media

A free and simple way to show some love to small businesses is to share their content on social media. When you share their content, you may inspire someone in your following to purchase something from the local business.

3. Go to the source

Support small businesses by purchasing items directly from them rather than through a third-party.

4. Think small before the big businesses

Before purchasing a product from a larger store that isn’t locally owned or operated, think about if you could buy those items from a small locally owned and operated business.

5. Buy now, use later

Purchasing gifts or gift cards in advance can help small businesses improve their cash flow.



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