Love Local, PEI: Basin View Seafood

Mitchell Jollimore, owner of Basin View Seafoods 

Mitch is a 4th generation fisherman and a 4th generation entrepreneur who lives in Springbrook with his wife, Katie, and their three children – Jack, Charlie, and Lucy.

Entrepreneurship runs in his family; his grandparents and parents were both small business owners. Having grown up in the industry, Mitch has been fishing on his own for the last 18 seasons and in 2014, he opened up Basin View Seafood.


Basin View Seafood is a family-run business that believes community is everything, and is proud to support local sports groups and organizations.


Basin View Seafood hosts and sponsors an annual Fishermen’s Challenge during the Community Harvest Festival every summer. The first year they hosted it, they were nervous, unsure if the Challenge would be well attended. It turns out there was no reason to be worried, their community showed up for them, and the Challenge turned out to be a raging success! Because of the support they received from the community in their inaugural year, Basin View Seafood continues to host and sponsor the Challenge, which raises funds for the community’s minor hockey program.


Mitch considers being an employer one of the most rewarding parts of being a small business owner. Working with and providing service for so many great islanders makes the central part of PEI a pretty special place to work and operate.

He finds it extremely rewarding and humbling to see neighbours and friends support his dreams and efforts. So much work goes into being a business owner behind the scenes, but when he sees customers come back with a smile on their faces, it makes it all worthwhile.

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