Love Local, PEI: Craig Wood Products

Craig Wood Products is a family business with a rich history in Tyne Valley. Owned by three brothers, Bruce, Venom, and William, Craig Wood Products has operated for over 30 years. They offer materials and products for people like cabinet makers, contractors, homeowners, handypersons using 100% Island lumber kiln dried on-site. Craig Wood Products is committed to sustainable forestry and construction – they provide Geothermal services, practice renewable harvesting, maintain Island woodlots, and more. Every scrap in the production goes unwasted, including the sawdust.

Bruce, a passionate islander who started carpentry at 13, has now been in the industry for over 49 years. He loves creating artistic pieces and recently has begun making a large-scale dining room table. Being a business owner hasn’t always been easy. There were times when the brothers worked seven days a week and only took 40-hour pay, and one winter during a recession, Venom and Bruce worked all winter to keep the business going and never took a payment. Bruce and his family are proud to have grown their business into a successful one that provides not only for their family but also for their communities members’ families.

“Because we’re a small rural community, we employ ten people, and ten people’s wages in this community in western PEI are pretty important to us,” Bruce said.

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