Love Local, PEI: Distinct Magic Decor


Distinct Magic Decor bridges the diversity of West Africa, France, and the Maritimes, presenting the cultural spirit of each region distinctly and uniquely. They focus on event decor, specialized gift boxes and promoting local artisans.

Solange loves to tell her story through her work. Her ethnic origins are varied as she was born in Paris, grew up in Ivory Coast (a west African country) and studied in France. Then, in 2017, she decided to move to Canada and chose PEI because she was attracted by its beautiful beaches, the red sand, and its people.

Decorating is Solange’s passion. She first started by decorating her loved ones’ special events. Through these experiences, she was able to help them create memories to cherish forever, and she loved being a part of that.

After decorating a friend’s wedding in France, something she had never done before, Solange knew she had to make her passion this profession.

With over six years of experience in decorating, Solange registered her business in PEI in 2020. When deciding what to name her company, she knew she wanted to choose a name that made sense in both English and French.

Solange loves to give back to her community and contribute to fellow islanders. Her favourite part of her job is seeing people’s eyes sparkling with joy when they discover their event venue totally transformed because of her decor.


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