Love Local, PEI: Double Eagle Indoor Golf Inc.


In February 2021, Ronnie and Tanya Dennis started planning and putting the gears in motion to open their own small business. Nine months later, they opened the doors to their indoor golf simulator business, Double Eagle Indoor Golf Inc.



Ronnie is a passionate golfer and saw a demand for golf simulators within their community in Western PEI. This demand is what drove Ronnie and Tanya to open their business.

At Double Eagle Indoor Golf Inc., you can rent out simulators hourly. The simulators are great for beginners and experienced golfers alike to develop and sharpen their skills.



“The golf community is fantastic, and it’s a pleasure to bring our services to others who are interested in the sport,” says Ronnie.

Local support is not something Ronnie and Tanya take for granted. Their support means the world to them. When someone walks into their business and spends their hard-earned money, Ronnie and Tanya strive to ensure they have the best experience possible.



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