Love Local, PEI: Fromagerie PEI

Owner Mathieu Gallant grew up in a family dairy farm of generations in Mount Carmel. He started to build his business after he returned from France, where he earned a scholarship to study cheese making in 2009; from that, Fromagerie PEI was born in 2015. The company specializes in cheese curd manufacturing, and you can find their products in many retail outlets and restaurants across the Island. Mathieu is proud of their Squeak-iest  Cheese Curds products. When he hears people saying that his cheese curds are as good or better than the ones they find in Quebec, Mathieu will reply, “Yes, I know! But no one believes me, so it’s up to you.”

It was important for Mathieu to operate his business where he grew up. “You have to create something in your community that the kids will want to come and work and be proud of because if there’s nothing there for them, they will leave.”

Last year Mathieu started a program called “Plant Trees with Cheese,” where Mathieu will plant trees in low-lying areas in return for buying local. “It’s not much,” Mathieu says, “but for me, it’s physical proof for investing here in your community, and you want to make sure there’s stuff for the next generations.”

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