Love Local, PEI: Navigate Food Safety Solutions

Maureen Hanley, a born entrepreneur, is one of the founders of Navigate Food Safety Solutions, located in Montague. Maureen joined the company in 2016. Having been an entrepreneur her whole life, she loves the day-to-day activities – showing up and working with good people to do good things, resulting in happy customers.

Navigate Food Safety Solutions provides coaching, online training and on-site training to food manufacturing companies primarily in global food safety certification and standards. “Standards are generic, situations are specific,” Maureen remarks, “There is a lot of complexity, and our special sauce is bringing simplicity to that.” One of Maureen’s favourite moments is when she receives good feedback and witness changes in customers. She recalled an experience when she talked to a customer about his struggles and needs. “Ultimately, he just wanted to be able to sleep at night,” Maureen said. With Navigate Food Safety’s help, after a lot of work, the customer said he could pass an unannounced audit even if he weren’t in the plant, which was a massive shift.

Although Navigate Food Safety Solutions can work with companies throughout North America, Maureen still loves it when they get a referral and work with a local company because she truly believes we should support local when we can.

She added, “I love it when we get a strong recommendation from someone local. And I also know that a warm recommendation from a similar company is a game-changer in terms of making a purchase or choosing a supplier.”


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