Love Local, PEI: Quannessence


Sharon envisioned her business in 1988 while on an Educational Course in Germany focused on Holistic Skincare. She began researching natural and safe ingredients and created her company BioSpa Distributing in 2000, then changed the name to BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc., and in 2010, the manufacturing company of Quannessence Skincare.


Her mission when she founded the company was to provide results-focused, healthy, and non-toxic skincare products. Quannessence has created every one of our advanced skincare formulas to be sourced from nature’s best while combining advanced active ingredients. They focus on incorporating local, ethically, and sustainably sourced ingredients while looking at skin health from a broader, more holistic viewpoint. All of the above is still and always will be Sharon’s mission. The result is HeathySkin for everyone.


Although Quannessencce is a small business, they are doing great things in a big way that impact the lives of so many across Canada and beyond, and that is what Sharon loves the most about being a business owner.



When people support Sharon’s business, it makes her heart smile. Her team focuses on creating every formula with love and care. We strive to give all individuals who purchase our uniquely specialized formulas skin that will allow them to love how they look and feel!

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