Love Local, PEI: The FIX


The FIX is not just a business but a place to begin a journey to be a better version of yourself, a place to empower patients to see their own potential! 


The FIX provides chiropractic care, medical acupuncture, rehabilitation, and massage therapy to a diverse clientele, with patients ranging from 10 days old to 94 years old.


“Financial, emotional, and operational support is vital for a small business to succeed. Starting a business and navigating it throughout a pandemic, as a single mother to a pandemic baby, is especially tricky,” says Dr. Megan McDonald. 


“Family, friends, colleagues, and patients who believe in me and trust my vision have made it possible to wake up each day with hope and the energy to continue. Those who have supported me through volunteering or bartering services have made it possible to keep our facility equipped, our website operating, our books current, our space cheerful, and my two-year-old (and me!) fed and cared for. The FIX would not exist today without these supporters.”


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