Love Local, PEI: Upcycle Green Technology


Originally from Brazil, Natal and Magali Freiberger own and operate Upcycle Green Technology in Summerside.

Natal is a Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience and Magali was an entrepreneur in Brazil for 25 years before moving to Prince Edward Island.

Together they opened Upcycle Green Technology in September 2020. They chose to operate their business in Summerside because when they first visited the city, its Economic Development Department welcomed them. The city maintains many projects aimed at the renewable energy sector, and because of this thought, it would be a great community to operate their green technology auto shop.

Upcycle Green Technology has two main focuses. One of them is developing a conceptual innovation project to convert a gasoline car into an electric small pickup truck. The electric small pickup trucks will be produced in scall and targeted to fleet car owners. This year, Natal and Magali completed the prototype and next year, they will begin making the pre-series of 10 small electric pickup trucks.


Through this project, Upcycle Green Technology will contribute to helping the City of Summerside, PEI, and Canada reach their goals of reducing greenhouse emissions.

The second area Upcycle Green Technology focuses on is preventive maintenance services, such as no appointment required express oil changes, tire changes and full undercoating. Upcycle Green Technology is the only company in the Summerside area to offer this service, and they use a dry system that is 100% ecologically correct to do these services.

Natal and Magali have always felt embraced by fellow islanders that call Summerside home. When they first opened the doors at Upcycle Green Technology, a customer came for assistance and brought a bouquet for them as a welcome and thank you gift. That kind of support means the world to Natal and Magali. When their community supports them, they feel very grateful and want to do better each day.


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