The Impact


The Impact

When you Love Local, more of your dollars stay right here and support Islanders.

Tax Dollars

Re-invested to support services such as healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Personalized Service

Enjoy exceptional and personalized customer service from passionate business owners.

Build Community

Small businesses support other local businesses, create jobs, and contribute to sponsorship and fundraising efforts.

Creativity & Entrepreneurship

When you support local, you’re supporting a business owner’s dreams.

Unique Products & Services

Enjoy PEI handcrafted items and services not found elsewhere.


Create jobs for your family, friends, neighbours and fellow Islanders.

Make the 10% shift to local. Love Local, PEI.A small shift can make a big difference.Support local businesses that support you.


Every $100 spent locally creates $45 in economic value here in PEI.

Source: Statistics Canada/Calculations by PEI

Buying local creates nearly 20x the impact on labour income compared to online shopping.

Source: Statistics Canada/Calculations by PEI Department of Finance


When you Buy Local, you help the environment by  reducing packaging and plastics.


Retail directly employs 11,200 Islanders and is the largest private-sector employer on Prince Edward Island.

Source: Statistics Canada/Calculations by PEI

There are over 6,540 small businesses on PEI. Small businesses employ more Islanders than any other businesses on PEI.

Source: Statistics Canada/Calculations by PEI Department of Finance

love-local-infographic-460 jobs

A 10% shift to local would support 460 local jobs.

A 10% shift to local would contribute $16 million in labour income.

love-local-infographic-1300-EN copy

Up to 1,300 self-employed workers jobs on PEI are at-risk from shopping out of province.


Why do you Love Local?

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us why you Love Local on Prince Edward Island.