Love Local, PEI: Our Dog Food Fund Pet Boarding and Born In A Barn Agricultural Services

Norman and Erica both grew up on farms and pursued careers in agriculture. Their childhood and adult lives have always included owning and working with animals. The businesses they operate allow them to do some of the things they enjoy and are passionate about. As their children grow, they hope they will become more involved in their businesses over time.



In November 2018, Erica and Norman opened Our Dog Food Fund Pet Boarding, and in September of 2020, they started Born In A Barn Agricultural Services. They try to source as many local supplies as possible, whether that be the mountain of dog food we buy from the nearest feed mill or office supplies. Their agricultural business, Born In A Barn Agricultural Services, depends on lab analytical services. They are pleased to offer data processing options if their clients choose their local PEI lab.


Much of Erica and Norman’s business happens through word of mouth, and they say they owe much of their start-up success to community support. Their favourite business memory was when they realized that many agricultural business clients were reaching out to them to request their services; they didn’t need to approach them. In their first year of business, Eric and Norman were pleasantly surprised by the number of farmers who supported them as they were aware that there were other options out there.


If you are looking to start your own business, Erica’s words of advice are, “Your best is all you can do; the rest will work itself out in time.”


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